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 Police Officer

- Position Description and Essential Functions -



Classification Responsibilities: A Police Officer performs general duty police work or specialized police work in the protection of life and property. In carrying out the responsibilities of an entry-level Kentucky peace officer, a Central City Police Department Patrolman: interacts with a culturally and socially diverse population; employs discretion in solving problems; maintains public order; prevents crime; enforces laws and ordinances; conducts investigations; makes arrests; issues citations and warnings; assists the public; and may perform administrative support tasks. This class is responsible for performing related duties as required.

Distinguishing Features: Work normally consists of routine patrol, preliminary investigations, and traffic control duties in a designated area on an assigned shift. The employee's primary responsibility is to respond to Public Safety calls for service. Incumbents may work on an assignment which necessitates specialized abilities and knowledge usually attained through experience as a uniformed officer. Police Officers may be assigned to: assist in the training and evaluation of Police Officer - Recruits; perform traffic control and enforcement; handle high risk tactical operations or hostage situations; handle hazardous devices; work with specially trained K-9 police dogs; conduct crime scene investigations for the detection of latent impressions and other physical evidence.  Work assignments are made by a Police Sergeant or other superior. Work methods are checked through personal inspections, review of reports and discussions. Work requires occasional physical exertion under adverse circumstances. A Police Officer is subject to rotating shifts, weekend, and holiday work. A lateral police officer is an experienced Kentucky peace officer who is not required to attend the Department of Criminal Justice Basic Training Academy and is assigned to a Field Training Officer upon being hired. A lateral police officer must successfully complete the Field Training Officer program. The length of training will is currently four weeks for lateral transfers, however, the length may vary depending upon the incumbent's performance as determined by the police field training officers.


Communication: Communicates verbally in person and by radio. Mediates disputes and conducts interviews while performing law enforcement patrol activities and investigations. Presents testimony and evidence in both civil and criminal court proceedings. Records information and prepares detailed police reports of investigative findings with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation, and grammar.

Manual/Physical: Operates a patrol vehicle, pursues offenders by patrol vehicle and on foot, stops offenders, subdues resisting offenders using force where appropriate, including deadly force, and arrests offenders. Searches persons, places, and things. Seizes and impounds property and evidence. Transports persons and property. Performs crowd and riot control activities. Maintains proficiency in operating a variety of law enforcement tools including weapons, vehicles, and computers. Observes criminal behavior, and conducts law enforcement investigations to include the following critical tasks: protects crime and traffic accident scenes; measures and diagrams crime and traffic accident scenes; seizes and processes evidence; administers first aid to sick and injured persons for a wide variety of illnesses and injuries; assists distressed motorists; directs traffic; assists and refers mentally ill, indigent, and other persons in need; performs evacuations; and moves persons, vehicles, and other property from unsafe locations.

Mental: Comprehends and makes inferences from written materials including: federal and state statutes, City codes and ordinances, and departmental policies and operating procedures in order to enforce laws and determine appropriate charges. Prioritizes own work in order to meet established deadlines. Determines when to call for victim's assistance and advise persons of victim's rights information. Learns job-related material through oral instruction, observation on the job, structured lecture in a classroom setting and reading in regard to police procedures and methods, case law, federal and state statutes and departmental policies and procedures.


Knowledge of:

police methods, practices and procedures with ability to apply this knowledge to specific situations;

departmental rules and regulations;

state and City laws and ability to enforce, interpret and explain the same;

the geography of the City of Central City;

crime patterns and trends in an assigned area;

conflict management techniques;

crime scene investigations and preservation of evidence;

techniques of interviewing and interrogations; and

community service organizations and facilities.

Skill in the use of firearms and operating a motor vehicle.

Ability to:

analyze situations and adopt quick, effective, and reasonable courses of action with due regard to surrounding hazards and circumstances;

identify potential crime situations or traffic hazards and take preventive action;

understand and carry out oral and written instructions;

deal courteously, but firmly, with the general public;

deal effectively with people having diverse social and economic backgrounds;

maintain composure and operation efficiency under high stress situations;

perform the physical requirements of the work; and

develop and use confidential information sources.

job description updated: 09-19-2006