Mission Statement

Vision Statement
We envision the Central City Police Department in a leadership role for others to emulate, not only from our professional peers, but more importantly from the community we serve.   By providing a positive direction within the community, we can take the reins in leading the way to building a better city in which to live and work.


Mission Statement
To reduce crime, establish a positive rapport with the community, instill a professional attitude and desire to improve our services to the city by:

Identifying and responding to all community needs; i.e. a service oriented police force.

Being the professional, superior police force that all residents of our area would want to serve them and entrust the following responsibilities:

  • Prevention of crime
  • Protection of life and property
  • Identification, apprehension and prosecution of offenders
  • Preservation of the peace
  • Enforcement of regulatory measures
  • Provide miscellaneous services or assistance to the public
  • Provide for the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles
  • Provide the most effective and cost efficient services possible

Values Statement
To constantly strive to improve and perform to the highest standards demanded by an innovative and progressive police department by:

  • Recognizing that the public is our employer
  • Recognizing that departmental personnel are our most valuable resources
  • Encouraging and instilling a team atmosphere
  • Each employee displaying the highest ethical conduct at all times
  • Each employee displaying courage, pride and dedication to the department and the community
  • Promoting a strong work ethic for himself/herself and others that emphasizes self-discipline and self-motivation