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The starting hourly rate for a recruit level officer (without the Academy) is currently $14.00 per hour based on a 40 hour work week, with a pay structure that allots for pay increases every six months until topping out.  After completion of the Basic Training Academy; the recruits hourly rate will increase to $15.00 per hour.  Depending on years of prior service, Lateral transfers start at a higher rate than recruit officers.  Patrolman currently top out at $17.89 per hour.  The Department normally receives annual cost of living increases.

Training Incentive

Upon completion of the 23 week, Basic Training Academy in Richmond Kentucky,  you will receive an additional supplement of $333.33 per month, paid by the State.  This incentive is in addition to the regular salary of the officer.

Health Insurance

The city currently provides major medical insurance to each full time officer at little or no cost.  Additional coverage is available for eligible spouse and/or children.  Officers are responsible for the premiums for spouse/child coverage.


The city will provide uniforms to each officer at no cost.  In addition, the city also provides a $20 monthly cleaning allowance (non-taxed) to help cover the cost of cleaning the police uniforms.

Patrol Vehicle's

The city maintains a fleet of take home patrol vehicles for all full time officers. Once full time, you will be issued a take home patrol vehicle.

Time Off

All full time officers receive sick hours at the rate of 1.85 hours each pay period (every two weeks) which accumulate.  Each officer receives vacation time, recruit level officers have one week of vacation after six months of full time employment.  More weeks are awarded for more years of service.  Vacation time does not accumulate.


Each full time officer is a part of the County Employee Retirement System (CERS) NON - Hazardous, which is a state retirement system.  Employee contribution is tax deferred and refundable upon employment termination.  As a member of the CERS you and your family members are eligible to join the Commonwealth Credit Union.

The City of Central City is an equal opportunity employer

Last Updated:  09/09/2015