Central City Area Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch is a program for people who care about their neighborhoods. For citizens who want to live in an area where they feel safe, an area virtually free from criminal activity such as burglaries, robberies, and vandalism. It is a program run for the citizens and by the citizens with assistance from the Police Department.

There are currently thousands of individual Neighborhood Watch groups in effect throughout the country. These groups break down isolation barriers that may exist in neighborhoods, and empower citizens to work with the Police Department in combating crime. The concept is simple, one neighbor watching out for another, and sending a personal message to would-be criminals that states "We're not going to take it". Neighborhood Watch works...and it has been proven time and again through both personal testimonies and crime statistics.

Who administers Neighborhood Watch?
The participants. Neighborhood Watch is a program for the citizens, by the citizens with assistance from the Police Department.

Who can be involved?
Any resident of your community can join. Even the busiest of people can belong to Neighborhood Watch - as they are able to keep an eye out for their neighbors as they come and go.

How do I start a Neighborhood Watch Program?
Talk with your neighbors, find out their concerns and or needs. Find out which days or hours they would be able attend an initial meeting.
Establish a list of volunteers for the position of Coordinator and Block Captains. The coordinator will be the direct liaison to the Police Department. Block Captains will be liaisons between the participants and the Coordinator.

Click here for the local area Neighborhood Watch Program website. 

After your initial meeting, work with the police department to order and put up Neighborhood Watch signs.
In the mean time, watch out for your neighbors, and report any suspicious and/or criminal activity to the police.