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Privacy Statement
Your privacy and security are our highest priority. The Central City Police Department collects only the personal information necessary to provide enhanced services to our citizens. Please note that all nonexempt information collected by Central City Police Department services may be subject to public disclosure under KRS 61.870, the Kentucky Open Records Act. However, public records containing information of a personal nature are protected from disclosure by the personal privacy exemption of state law. Personal data in our possession is maintained and used in ways that respect individual privacy. Only authorized employees have access to personal information.

Depending on the situation, we may collect the following information about visitors to our Web site:


Central City Police Department Information Sharing

The Central City Police Department will not release personal information to third parties except where it is already provided by law for purposes of notification. We will not provide, rent or sell personal information to third parties for marketing programs or any other purpose. State law restricts the use of personally identifiable information for commercial purposes. Depending on the specific nature of the service, information may be shared with other state agencies as stated in KRS 61.878 (5). This statute allows for the exchange of public records or sharing of information between public agencies when the exchange is serving a legitimate governmental need or is necessary in the performance of a legitimate government function.


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